Workation: The solution to a conventional work-life

17 March, 2023   Tips & news
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Has this happened to you? It’s a normal day in the office; you’re navigating on social media and usually see pictures of the influencers or your friends enjoying the marvels of the beach, enchanting towns, or luxury resorts. And here comes the question: “What do these people do for a living so that they can travel a lot?

It’s a very common question as exploring the world is like a dream come true, and our job is generally the main obstacle to achieving that goal. However, it’s important to emphasize that those travelers are not kids from wealthy families. 

Have you ever heard of the term workation? If you haven’t, the meaning and benefits will surely surprise you. 

What is workation?

Workation is a new lifestyle that people worldwide have recently adopted as a type of remote work. The term is a combination of the words work and vacation, which means you can work and vacation simultaneously. 

Due to the lockdown and the increasing digitalization, most freelancers and employees now have more possibilities to work remotely. The most exciting thing is that they can do it from fantastic vacation spots. Have you ever imagined working in a tourist destination? A wonderful experience you will surely never forget. 

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Workation and its benefits 

Now that you’ve discovered this new lifestyle let’s take a closer look at the benefits: 

Less stress

Mental health is now being widely discussed, and to improve it, we all know that it’s necessary to escape from everything that causes stress in your daily life. For most employees, working in the same office, using uncomfortable facilities, and even interacting with the same people every single day can increase stress in the long term. 

However, working from a different place provides you with the relaxing environment you need to engage in your daily activities.

More productivity

Picture yourself working at a charming hotel, a cabin tucked away in the forest, or a luxury beach resort. Vacation spots will encourage you to meet your goals as, at the end of the day, you’ll be rewarded with the delights of those places after or before your work hours. 

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Quality time with your loved ones

Does your work routine in the office affect your family relationship because you cannot spend quality time with them? Maybe you usually arrive home late in the evening, and your kids already went to bed, or your partner is feeling neglected… Well, one of the advantages of the workation is that you have a more flexible schedule to enjoy your loved ones. 

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Goodbye routine

It is believed that working in a vacation spot can be a distraction, affecting your job performance. The good news is that the atmosphere of a different place helps you leave all your worries behind as you’ll be enjoying a vacation ambiance instead of the conventional work environment. 

Opportunity to explore new places

This is the best part! Most of us love to travel, immerse in new cultures, delight in different culinary creations, and make new friends from different countries. Any tourist spot is perfect for workation, but imagine working on Mexican beaches like Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Riviera Maya, or any other place in the world. What a wonderful experience!

What do you think of this popular lifestyle? Would you adopt this working trend to meet your goals?

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