7 reasons MICE experts fall in love with Riviera Maya

21 December, 2015   Tips & news

Apart from its beautiful natural surroundings, Riviera Maya offer many of the aspects considered when selecting  MICE Destinations.

1. Incredible beaches and scenery

Stunning white sand beaches and azure waters rival those of any tropical destination in the world. The Caribbean serves as the perfect frame for unforgettable moments and many photo opportunities.

2. Warm weather

The semi-tropical climate in the Riviera Maya ranges temperatures over 27° C / 80° F.

3. Leading International Airport

Named Latin America’s most accessible International Airport, Cancun receives more than 13 million annual visitors, on direct flights from Europe, the USA, Canada and Latin America.

4. Mayan World

The following are the must-do attractions when visiting The Mayan Riviera:

  • Visit Chichen Itza,an archeological zone registered as a world heritage site by UNESCO since 1988.
  • Visit Xian Kan, a Biosphere Reserve registered as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1987. It’s name means gateway to heaven, and it is accessible to the public.
  • The Mayans contributed advanced knowledge to humanity before any other civilization, such as the use of thenumber zero as we know it today.
  • In Mayan mythology Hurricane or Jurakan(the One-legged god) was the god of fire, wind and storms.
  • The Mayans discovered that toasted cocoa seeds were edible. They also served various purposes and are still used today:
    *As a ritual during Mayan weddings the groom gives the bride 5 cocoa almonds to finalize the matrimonial contract.
    *In business, the seeds were used as currency.
    *As a beverage, Mayans drank cold cocoa at the end of meals. They flavored it with aromatic flowers and spices such as the cocoa plant’s own flowers, vanilla flowers, chile, honey and annatto.

5. Second largest Coral Reef in the World

Another important feature of the area. Second only to Australia’s great barrier reef, it was this reef that the Mayans used El Castillo to guide them through in order to arrive in Tulum. The reef is full of colorful wildlife to delight snorkelers and divers.

6. Tulum

Tulum is an important Mayan archaeological site in Quintana Roo. “El Castillo”, its most outstanding structure, undoubtedly has the best view of the Caribbean. It is a must-see site for any visitor to the area.
The Mayans used El Castillo (the castle) as a beacon to guide sea vessels arriving in Tulum, with natural light or torches made visible in the windows. They helped boats avoid the dangerous reefs, protecting valuable merchandise and saving lives. You can now stroll through this beautiful green archeological zone, take unforgettable photographs of the ruins and azure waters, and swim in the gentle waves on the white sand beach below.

7. Eco – parks | Xplor, Xel-ha and

Xcaret | A majestic eco-park with archeological ruins on the ocean’s edge, with coral reef aquarium, butterfly refuge, swimming with dolphins, beach and shows featuring over 300 actors and dancers.

XPLOR | An exhilarating natural adventure park, with the biggest zip lines in Latin America, amphibious vehicles and underground rivers and caves.

Xel-ha | Considered the largest natural aquarium in the world, with snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, snuba and more.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this magical destinations at it’s best when visiting for MICE purposes!

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