“The essence of our staff is the heart of our resorts”​ – Velas Resorts

21 September, 2018   Why Mexico?

It’s the subtle details that make us remember one place over another; the little extras that later become necessary for an unforgettable vacation or business + leisure trip, and we can wait no more to show IMEX America 2018’s attendees the essence behind the magic we deliver at each of our resorts.

We spoke with Gina Jiménez, Sales Director of Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, to find out a little more about a video recently launched, planned to unveil the passion that lies at the core of Velas Resorts: our staff members:

1. Where did the idea for this video come from?

The idea came from observing, day after day, the dedication, you could even call it ‘devotion’ with which we do our job on this great team. From feeling the enthusiasm and genuine pleasure in what we do and wanting to share it with the people we owe it all to: our guests.

2. What are you looking to show in the video?

We wanted our guests to get to know the person behind the employee that added extraordinary details to their stay; for them to take a look at the essence and values, likes and preferences of these marvelous women and these marvelous men. We know that without their daily work and their passion for what they do, our guests’ experience wouldn’t be the same.

3. Where exactly does the magic begin?

It begins the moment they arrive in the lobby and are welcomed with the warmth of someone greeting you in their own home; with the joy of indulging you in the days to come.

4. You’re from the Dominican Republic, Gina, what is your opinion of Mexican hospitality?

I’m Dominican, but my heart belongs to Mexico. One thing that marks the difference in Mexican hospitality is the authenticity of it; people are pleased to share what they have, pleased to know that you liked what they prepared, to subtly perceive that you liked a certain detail, and to wish to continue creating more special moments for you. This enchants not only foreigners but guests who visit us from other states as well.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We look forward to meeting all of you attending to IMEX America, Las Vegas October 16-18! Please be sure to book your appointment here.

See you there!

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