Women in MICE Industry

29 September, 2017   Why Mexico?

We who are part of Meetings, Conventions and Event Planners industry know how demanding it can be: meaning having to travel abroad, to be absent for days –if not weeks–, to hold reunions with clients on irregular hours, to spend large numbers of hours at the office, making phone calls at unusual times –specially true for those serving to global companies–, and the list goes on.

A fact is a fact, and most MICE professionals worldwide are women; in the U.S. alone 77.6 percent of MICE industry belong to this gender segment, according to 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Annual Averages report. It’s undeniable that  that the abilities a woman possesses, are key factors when developing in this industry, and it tends to tip the scales to the female side.

Then, how does a woman cope with the workload and manage to shine in this industry, while becoming role models at home and raise their children? We asked Eloisa Pérez, LATAM & MEX – Cluster Group Sales Manager for Velas Resorts, and her compelling answers seem to appeal most women around the world.

“It is not about giving up to your personal life, but finding a balance.” Is the answer of Eloisa, mother of a 9-month beautiful boy, who has not slowed the pace since her first incursion into MICE Industry over 12 years ago after giving birth to his son, quite the opposite, she soon found a promotion as a result of her vision and passion for what she does.

Supportive Company. The core values of the company you work for play an important role, too. “Velas Resorts, the company I work for since 2013, holds a supporting corporate ethos, they strive to be inclusive and there is no surprise to find that most of their executive positions are held by women. It is important too to be part of a team with similar values and vision.”

Give each thing its space and time. Being not able to prioritize different aspects of life may be the point where the rope breaks. Each aspect is as important as the rest for a woman in a leadership position. “You need to give the most of yourself to your family, to your health and well-being, to your career and foster your personal growth and development spiritually.

Go for your goals. Nothing stops a woman’s dream, “you must love what you do. No obstacle is big enough for a woman of resolve.

Caring and understanding spouse. “The support I find in my husband –also a MICE pro– has been crucial. It may be hard to find someone who truly understands your profession. I have been lucky enough to find a caring partner.”

Take advantage of our particular skills. There is a handful of abilities women are endowed with –and develop over time: “I’ve found my inherent skills so helpful in my career –communication abilities, identify/solve problems accurately, we are native team builders, we build complicity with clients and team mates, we are decisive, sensitive, organized, mediators, good listeners, strategic minded, we own a sixth sense, we are multitaskers, we easily cope with many things with a smile, intuitive and sympathetic with clients, women pay attention to detail and take special care to important dates, we do have peripheral visions –we don’t easily overlook aspects involved in a task.

A question yet to answer is: Why, being a dominant gender on this industry, there is still an evident gap between men and women occupying the most important positions? “Our industry is dominated by women, but if you look at leadership, it is still very male-dominated. So, there’s obviously something going on there.” —Carina Bauer, CEO, IMEX Group

We will be looking forward to the conferences and talks about Women in MICE Industry during IMEX Las Vegas 2017. See you there.

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