The True Power of Luxury Incentives: A Hidden Force that Shapes Positive Behavior

20 September, 2023   Tips & news, Why Mexico?

The world of Corporate and Incentive Travel is on the comeback trail, and it’s no surprise that a significant change in the trends and interests of both the new and seasoned incentive travelers has taken place. The leading organizations of the world are ready to meet the challenge and are now offering their employees incentive trips that are full of meaningful, life-changing, and unrepeatable experiences

To celebrate a milestone company event at a Grand Velas Resort is to grant your Top Performers the opportunity to own a unique Resort Destination for an unforgettable period of time. Our iconic brand selection and its extraordinary settings allow for a host of diverse and creative venues with mesmerizing backdrops, quality ingredients at every turn, and a solid and consistent service execution. 

“Incentives are what drive human behavior and understanding incentives at is core is the ultimate key to understanding people”.

Cynthia Kunz
Senior Global Sales Director-Meetings & Incentives
Velas Resorts
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