How Incentive Travels can help you boost your sales up to 20%?

13 July, 2022   Tips & news

The need to reconnect with peers and to leave the lockdown days behind, at least for short periods, has become more evident now that the global economy is finally seeing a respite after COVID-19. Companies are eager to boost sales and salespeople’s performance and to see a positive return on investment. 

This article aims to provide interesting facts that make Incentive Travels an essential tool to be included in your sales strategies:

  1. Incentive programs are self-funding.
  2. They help build a strong connection with your brand.
  3. They have proved to be an aid to reactivate economy.

If you’re considering Incentive Travels on your sales agenda, contact an Incentive Specialist now.

A report by Incentive Research Foundation reveals interesting information about Incentive Travels and their relevance and contribution to motivation, brand advocacy and retention, even above cash rewards, as “the promotability of travel and the prestige of guilt-free spending and “luxury experiences” with brag-appeal stimulate improved sales performance more effectively than cash alone.” And there are good reasons to consider Incentive Travels in your sales strategies:

Incentive programs are self-funding

Structured and thoroughly planned incentive travels can increase sales and create positive ROI proving their effectiveness to a self-funding extent. According to the IRF, metrics to correctly assess your incentive program require “a good baseline of current sales activity and a clear set of goals that represent “stretch” performance over expected or organic market growth”. And facts demonstrate that Incentive Travel stands out from regular compensation in terms of ROI, performance and motivation.

Help build strong connection with your brand

Companies would want to award top performers with top experiences. Interestingly enough, “most sales incentive trip winners could afford the monetary value of their travel award on their own”, but sellers —like most people— are driven by competition, recognition, and camaraderie, all part of incentive travel’s added value. You want to give your salesforce and partners something that money can’t buy: unique and authentic experiences in reward of their efforts pursuing your company’s objectives. Loyalty and strong bonds built with peers and your brand, are the inevitable result.

Travels have the power to leave long-lasting memories, something to cherish at a personal level, and winners of your incentive travel will remember that special time you crafted for them —forever.

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Reactivate economy

The importance of travel in a rebounding post-COVID-19 economy has been thoroughly reviewed by the Incentive Research Foundation, showing that travel has a vital role in “reviving the world economy as face-to-face meetings encourage collaboration and social connections.” On the other hand, Incentive Travels and other non-cash rewards have demonstrated to improve sales performance by as much as 20%.

An interesting approach to Incentive Travels shows that “moving the middle”, by opening the opportunity to all the sellers who increase their sales above a fixed level —and who have shown significant growth potential—, can lift performance across a large segment of sellers, not just top performers. “More often, a second tier of rewards, such as individual travel or points for rewards  merchandise, is an option for all performers who do not earn the Incentive Travel award, but who  measurably improve against their own baseline.”

If you are ready to boost your sales and would like to know how you can benefit from Incentive Travels, please fill in the format and one Incentives’ Expert will contact you shortly. 

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