Global teams are the new cubicle partners

24 October, 2016   Events, Testimonials, Tips & news

By Vanessa Martínez del Río | Meetings by Velas

Multinational operative teams based in different countries, cities and time zones are the daily basis for many successful global companies. Its is fascinating the way technology embraces so many advances that allow team members from –literally– all over the world work together with a common objective in mind

It surprises me how well the bonds are built nonetheless there are miles of distance between each other; and communication skills, cloud based data, telecommunication trends as well as talent oriented and supportive team leaders are fundamental key factors.

This is an ever-changing world; yet, human interaction cannot be part of old-school practices: creating solid bonds depends still on high doses of trust and in-person approach. Here is where annual or half-yearly incentive and/or meeting travels play a big deal building these bonds. Taking the office outdoors may sometimes be of great help when pursuing ideas to be landed objectively, or even just building a fond relationship with those one sees behind a screen every day.

But meetings are to be enjoyed, ladies and gentlemen. We have been looking for enjoyable meetings long enough to reach a point of no return. The term ‘bleisure’ must be engraved in every budget sheet approved for MICE purposes; humans are to be of higher performance when motivated and this is an open invitation to leverage the human capital by allowing each talent to find an escape valve when planning the next Group Travel. Let’s promote closer bonds among these efficient teams that overcome successfully the remote office reality. Let’s get together!

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Vanessa is a passionate of discovering the many junctures that play part on the fascinating Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions world. A self declared service-junkie and lover of Mexican culture and hospitality, and her two schnauzers. She has been working for –briefly interrupted– 7 years at Velas Resorts.



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