Going on a Group or Incentive Trip to the Riviera Maya or Riviera Nayarit? We’ll tell you What to Pack.

Traveling for a Group or Incentive Trip usually means that although the trip is business-related you’ll also have some leisure time to enjoy the destination….

15 April, 2014 READ MORE

5 Reasons Why Colombian Event Planners Should Consider Mexico

Velas Meetings is further strengthening its relationship with the Colombian market. Last month Eloisa Pérez, our Group Sales Manager for Mexico and Latin America, visited…

26 March, 2014 READ MORE

Riviera Maya: Best Event Destination for East Coast Visitors

By Haydé Escalante Planning an event and still haven’t found the perfect destination? The Riviera Maya is an excellent option. I have two important reasons why…

18 February, 2014 READ MORE